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Trendy Haircuts for Receding Hairline and Thinning Crown

"Cut it short" is the best option for dealing with a man's thinning hair — short at the sides and back, a tapered neckline, and a layered top to balance hair coverage and minimize the balding look.

Short hairstyles are sexy, and trendy. As a result, a short haircut, more often than not, adds a unique charm to the overall look, withdrawing attention away from the flaw.

Hairstyle for Receding Hairline

Short hairstyles are perfect for receding hairlines. Short hairstyles are sleek and fun if cut short in the back, and slightly longer in the front with plenty of layering. Ideally, men must cut the front hair short to reduce the emphasis of a receding hairline.

However, the hairstyle should match the facial shape, hair type, and lifestyle of the man. A closely cropped hairstyle makes a thin face appear fuller. Wisps and layers soften strong, square jaws. Bangs can shorten the length of oblong features.

Men with receding hairline can have a longer hair length if the hair is still relatively thick everywhere besides the temples. The celebrity hairstyle of Johnny Depp is a great cover up for a receding hairline. The hair is long, brushed back or gathered in a classy ponytail at the nape of the neck for a sophisticated look.

A long layered hairstyle is better for fine texture hair, while short hairstyles are perfect for thicker or curly hair. A medium textured style is perfect for the man with light thinning top.


Short or long, with layers or bangs, leave hair in the front few inches longer, get it layered and brush it forward to conceal a receding hairline.

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Hairstyle for Thinning Crown Area

Men with thinning crown should keep hair extra short. Think shortest if there are not enough hair follicles left to cover the bald spot on top. A Caesar cut hairstyle is short on the sides and back. The top is cut to finger length then hair is brushed forward and pushed upward. This style significantly lessens the balding look.


Buzz cut is a hairstyle perfect for men with a nicely shaped skull. It is a nice, clean cut. Justin Timberlake’s buzz cut hairstyle is virtually maintenance free. Some balding men like only the sides buzzed, while leaving more hair on top of the head for styling. Others keep the front long then comb the hair straight back to cover the balding spot.

Bald a Bold New Hairstyle for Men

Sometimes "shave it off" is necessary to free a balding man from the stress of a receding hairline and a thinning crown. Instead of covering up a balding head with a comb-over hairstyle, take cues from Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Michael Chicklis, and Hector Elizondo. Shave it off!

To enhance the bald hairstyle, grow a mustache, goatee, or beard. However, this facial adornment must complement the man’s facial features. A goatee can give a short face more definition and length. A full, well-trimmed beard enhances a long and thin face.

Knowing what to do and not to do with receding hairlines or bald spots is important. A good hairstyle accentuates a man’s personality and creates a great impression.


For balding men who would rather not have a shaved head, go ahead and don a cropped hairstyle. Short hairstyles are here to help conceal thinning crowns and receding hairlines.

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